Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Learn how our thoughts create our feelings and behaviors. This program focuses on goal setting and can be used to help free you from depression, anxiety, anger, and addictions.

12 week program

2 days per week

90 min

$50 per session

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1st Session approx. 1.5-2hrs   $120

follow up sessions:  $80

Hypnotherapy sessions utilize relaxation techniques and guided imagery to produce a desired outcome. You are in control at all times as all hypnosis is self hypnosis meaning you choose whether or not to follow suggestions. You can expect to feel very relaxed as you are guided into a meditative state. Sessions may incorporate a variety of modalities such as EFT, NLP, and Cognitive therapy.

**These sessions are not intended to diagnose , treat medical conditions or replace medical care.

Hypnosis can be used for many things, some examples are:




Smoking Cessation

Weight Reduction

Overcome Limiting Beliefs