Energize the Spirit:
An emphasis on healing our energetic field promotes a feeling of well-being and harmony bringing peace within

Empower the Mind:

 The root of all creation begins in the mind. Our thoughts project our physical experience in the world



  • New clients receive $10 off your first session

  • Bundle and save with pre-pay packages (see service pages for details)

  • Show your military I.D. for 15% off of any service

  • Create your own package of 2 or more services for 20% off of the total price

  • Sign up for a class with a friend and save $10 on registration fees

Reiki Classes

Are you interested in learning how to connect to energy from a higher source for the use of self-healing and healing others? If so, you may be receiving a calling toward becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Whether you are currently in the health/wellness field or not, if Reiki has found you today there is a reason. Reiki for some is solely a personal journey. For those who are in the healing profession or would like to be, Reiki can be both a personal gift and an additional source of income while providing healing services for others. Reiki is divided into 3 levels/degrees. Reiki 1 is the perfect introductory course for all who have an interest in personal growth and energy healing as a beginners guide to healing self/others. Upon receiving a Reiki attunement you will increase self-healing abilities, a higher level of spiritual awareness and ability to heal others. Reiki will transform your life for the highest good as it works on all planes of wellness to heal both the physical and mental/ emotional bodies, as well as the spirit/soul. After completion and practice with Reiki 1, Reiki 2 offers advanced techniques for further healing capabilities including the use of symbols and distant healing. Reiki 3 is the master/teacher level for those who wish to teach Reiki to others. For more information and details please click on our class schedule.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Balance the Body:

Our physical body is replenished upon receiving care and nourishment throughout our entire being 

 San Diego Healing Touch offers tools, along with guidance for utilizing these tools to facilitate healing and transformation. Sometimes this means tearing down the old structure that is no longer supporting your growth and starting new. Clearing the debris- breaking through old beliefs and patterns, opens space for creation. Together we can build a healthy and balanced foundation as necessary, to bring you into  alignment and achieving your personal goals. Wellness is essential within all planes of a whole being, only then can we experience our highest potential for balance and vitality while achieving a rich and successful life that is based on true happiness.

My mission is propelled by my passion- To educate, inspire, and empower people along their path to wellness. Thank you for allowing me to share this divinely guided journey.

"I believe that true healing comes from the heart. When we create a space of compassion for others, we allow healing to occur at the deepest levels of our being."- Rosemary

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now.”- Goethe